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Other Links of Interest

 Rev. Cathryn Platine's home webpage

 Gallae Central House

The Lanberry's excellent website about Gallae of the ancient world


Other followers of Cybele

Our religion might not be what you are looking for.  Here are other groups that have sprung up using Cybele as their focus.  To the best of our knowledge, no one has established a physical Temple besides us that is dedicated to Cybele

The Cybelians This is a group focused on female domination.  They have "transvestite" priestesses in addition to the dominatrix priestesses.

The Temple of Cybele  Priestess Jean originally contacted our group but was upset at the requirement that the physical body of a Priestess needed to reflect the Divine Feminine.  Her group is focused on trans-ness (the Gallae) and elevates men as well as women..I cannot speak to the "mysteries" she uses, she is unfamiliar with ours based on our ongoing research which we do not publish.  She does initiations via the phone and has no physical group, just a virtual one.