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The Theology of Cybeline Paganism

Pagan Theology has existed for well over eight millennia. Moral codes, systems of law, religious practices were all derived from a core of philosophical and theological tenets that reached their zenith just as the lights of widespread Pagan practice were being extinguished throughout Europe.  With our addition of the the Cybeline Exegesis we continue that which began with the recovery of our drumming pattern, the Rule of the Women of Cybele for living as a religious community of women, our organization as a true consensus based religion.  The Cybeline Exegesis represents years and years of collaboration and research as well as literally thousands of hours of discussion among the historic scholars of our Priestesshood.  As far as we know, it is unique in neo-Paganism as it represents a clear theological basis for our practices as we have thus far recovered them..  Currently it is an extremely dense and scholarly body of work that is being "boiled down" to put up here.  Our plans are to publish the entire work in the near future.

The Cybeline Exegesis


Part One, The Drums

Part Two, The Bread

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Ritual Information

Basic Rituals

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