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Coming Public Rituals, Announcements and Events


Among planned events for the coming year are Pagan Pride Day and the All Women's Festival.  Planning groups for both are open.  Contact us if you wish to be part of the planning of these and other events.  Check back for the exact dates.

Planned Events, Announcements and Rituals for 2014

Every Sunday at 5pm at the Maetreum we are currently holding training sessions for those wishing to become more involved with our religious community.  All sincere seekers welcome pending space available.  Please email us for confirmation of attendance.  On Sundays at 7pm we are beginning open Pagan Circles (traditional Wicca friendly)

  Our Temple is an open air grove type so please keep that in mind for clothing choices.  

 Our open house coffee/tea  cafe', Bell Book and Candle meets every Saturday between 1-4 PM. when there isn't a conflict with a closed event such as Harvest Meadows.  Feel free to drop by for coffee and conversation.    We also hostess the area Goddess Meetups the first Saturday of each month, a Bisexual Brunch on the second and fourth Sundays and Greene County Feminist Meetups on the second Saturday of each month....all welcome.





April 15  Full Moon 8pm

April 28 New Moon 8:30 pm









 Private instruction and individual ritual needs available, contact via email

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