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A Broad Outline of Cybeline Ritual:

Scholarship, inspiration and practice have lead to the development of some broad outlines of the components of Cybeline ritual. Though in the end our sisters of the past had wide variants in how they conducted their gatherings, their more formal events frequently followed most of the components outline that we share now with our contemporary sisters and brothers around the world to help us all conduct rituals distinctly and uniquely Cybeline. An explanation of the purpose and symbolism is included  to assist Celebrants in creating variants that appeal to you and your Community and yet remain distinctly flavoured with the spirit of those who came before us.

Part One : Processional, Invocation  Ablution and Casting off of the Outside World

I. Drumming procession to the Temple:

Carrying torches or candles, the Community of the People of the Goddess proceeds to the Temple if the gathering is held outside. If held inside the Community  as a whole enters the room where ritual is to take place when ready. The celebrant will be waiting within and offer greeting individually as each person passes.

The Celebrant acts in this role as the representative of the Goddess, a loving Mother welcoming her children home to her.

In both indoor and outdoor rituals, the processional is accompanied by drumming using the galliambic metre of our Sisters of the past, or variants of that metre. Historically this was performed upon frame drums and there should be at least one frame drum present symbolizing the now unbroken line between ourselves and our Sisters of the past. Our current practice includes other types of drums as well to improve the timbre of the rhythm. The drumming raises energy, taps something basic and primal in the Children of Cybele. We are returning to Mother as we proceed to the site of our Gathering. The wildness of creation is part of us and the joyfulness of life fills us.

II Invocation:

Once the Community is formed in the Temple, the Celebrant will greet the gathered Community as a whole and ask for the Goddess' blessing and guidance upon the ritual and participants. Upon entry, the members of the Community reflect upon the space that they have entered, dedicated at that moment to the service of the Goddess and consider themselves as having spiritually returned to the womb of the  loving Mother who sought us all out.

III Ablution:

The Celebrant will wash her hands in a symbolic gesture to wash away not only impurities of self but also to focus her mind upon that which is to transpire. The Ablution is in essence a washing away the things secular as the ritual proceeds and the Celebrant guides us to things spiritual. An ancient form of the ablution, loosely translated, is "Mother, with this water may my impurities of heart, mind and soul  be washed away and the lead be made into gold.  Ita est!

The community replies "Ita Est!"

"Ita est" translates as "it is so" and serves the same function as "so mote it be" for other Pagan paths. The Latin form is not truly necessary and Greek, Phrygian, English or another tongue may be substituted.

IV: Casting Off of the Outside World: (Energy Raising, Chakra exercise)

Howsoever each individual Celebrant sees fit to conduct this, it remains a critical though loosely  defined component of ritual. The exercise serves some of the same purpose for the Community of the People of the Goddess does as the ablution for the Celebrant. It turns the individuals inward, achieves centring and focus and prepares the spirit within to participate in the honouring of the Goddess and the free expression of our love for Her. This step was an addition of the Battakes and serves the same purpose that other Cybeline practices of the Roman and Greek eras did, that of moving toward a spiritual ecstasy.

At the conclusion of the Casting Off, the Celebrant may choose to have the community resume drumming briefly. This, with the secular world washed or cast away, taps into the spirit within and embraces the passionate nature of the Goddess Creator.

At the end of these steps, we have emotionally and spiritually arrived on the wild slopes of Mt. Ida, the legendary home of the Children of Cybele and the Great Mother.  In our mind, perhaps we see the powerful cats who accompany Cybele restlessly pacing and awaiting the next phase of the ritual. In our hearts we feel the love of the Great Mother who brought us forth into Creation and called each of us to Her service. Now the time comes for the Body of the Ritual.

                                Rev. Dr. Cailllean Maureen McMahon
                                              2 October 2004, C.E.
                          Dies Saturni XIII Kal. Oct. MMDCCLVII A.U.C.


             Rev. Cathryn Platine, Battakes
                                                2 October 2004, C.E.
                           Dies Saturni XIII Kal. Oct. MMDCCLVII A.U.C

                              Rev. Dr. Laura Stephanie de Grey, Theologian
                                               2 October 2004, C.E.
                              Dies Saturni XIII Kal. Oct. MMDCCLVII A.U.C.

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