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Conclave of Phrygianae

As our movement grows we have provided for a global structure to allow for additional Phrygianae to be formed and interconnected. Once a priestess has been elevated she can, with the consent of her Battakes and the Conclave of Phrygianae to form a new Phrygianum as a new Battakes. This is never undertaken lightly because the position of Battakes is a lifelong one, not subject to recall within her own, individual community and the responsibilities of the position of Battakes means she must be free to take action within her family of celebrants to both preserve and protect it.

As within a Phrygianum, the Conclave of Phrygianae is lead by First Battakes and the meetings are organized exactly the same fashion. Decisions are by consensus and in the rare cases a consensus cannot be reached but a decision is necessary, the First Battakes may act as court of last resort. In order to preserve the theology and structure, the position of First Battakes is also lifetime without recall. Upon the death or total incapacitation of the First Battakes, the Conclave of Phrygianae shall elect a new First Battakes in order to provided a smooth transition. All Cybeline priestesses and upon approval, any initiate may attend the Conclave of Phrygianae which, for practical reasons can be conducted via phone conferencing or the internet. Every attempt shall be made to convene an actual face to face Conclave of Phrygianae at least once every five years and unless otherwise agreed upon that shall be at the Phrygianum of the First Battakes. While all voices may be heard, and are encouraged to be added, a consensus for these Conclaves shall be among the Battakes themselves.

Priestesses at large and changing Phrygianae

A priestess is elevated by an individual Battakes and part of her oath of elevation is to that Battakes. Accordingly if she willfully breaks that oath a Battakes is no longer required to consider her a priestess of the Phrygianum lead by that Battakes. Oath of elevation is one to the Great Mother Herself, the entire sisterhood and the Battakes who elevates her. While only a full Conclave may strip a priestess of her standing as a priestess in general, if her Battakes finds her behaviour so disruptive or harmful to her own sisterhood that something must be done to protect harmony and sisterhood within her family, that Battakes can reject her as a member of that Battakes' Phrygianum. The priestess then becomes a priestess at large and her behaviour to be reviewed by the next Conclave of Phrygianae for consideration of further sanctions. A priestess may also be adopted by another Battakes of another Phrygianum if the matter is one of simple personality clash.

A priestess ejected by her Battakes may not under any circumstances form a new Phrygianum. Once she becomes a priestess at large in this manner if she is not sponsored or adopted by another Battakes at another Phrygianum she may continue to represent herself as a priestess of Cybele for she took an oath to the Great Mother, but she is outside the Cybeline faith as we have reclaimed it and it's organizational structure.

Rev. Mother Battakes Cathryn Platine

First Battakes, Maetrae of Cybele Magna Mater.


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